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How a new app is changing the way we buy glasses forever.

A new app puts the optician in your pocket and shows ways to shop eyewear in the 21st century: with a virtual try-on on your phone as realistic as looking into a mirror, and eye measurements more precise than any human could take.

How people buy eyewear hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years

We still have to go to a store to pick up a pair of glasses, try them on in front of a mirror, and let an optician complete a lens fitting to receive a prescription.

Consumers have the agony of choice between higher prices at optician stores and lower prices offered by their online competitors or brand websites for the same product.

Online stores, on the other hand, couldn’t provide services similar to the in-store experience. So far, eyewear websites could only offer their customers a home eyewear try-on. This meant many unnecessary return shipments, with all their negative implications on the environment, consumers’ time spent, and sellers’ bottom lines.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic further fueled the urgency to adapt sales processes

Most stores closed down entirely during a lockdown, but even after the quarantine was lifted, going to the stores has become even more time-consuming and stressful for customers.

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Amidst a global pandemic, nobody wants to spend more time than absolutely necessary in confined spaces with random people. Put on top the long queuing times and the need to touch frames that other people had touched before and be touched in your face by shop assistants, it created another trigger to purchase eyewear online. 


Shopping eyewear should be fun and help you find the perfect pair for you

Eyewear is a product not only designed to make you look great - some say eyewear are the new shoes with everyone spending so much time in video conferences as of late ;) -,  but needs to fit your personal face shape, nose, and ears so you can wear it comfortably day after day. It is essential to find a pair that fit you perfectly, especially in case of prescription lenses, because a suboptimal frame or lens fit can lead to harming your vision.

We put the optician in your pocket 

At BRILIN, we developed a solution which has already helped over 5,000 customers to find their perfect eyewear from the comfort of their home.

We offer the best of both worlds - combining the level of in-store quality & service with low online prices and flexible return policy.

How do we do it?

We quite literally are putting the optician in your pocket. In our iOS app, we offer you an online consultation on frame styles that takes into account your individual face shape and your taste. Of course, you can also just browse our store.

Once you’ve settled on a pair of sunglasses or normal glasses that you like, you can try them on virtually. The kicker? Our try-on is truthful in size and colors, meaning what you see is what you’ll get (if you order:)).

Works on Instagram, too

For those not keen to download an app, we have created Instagram filters to try on our collections.

After check-out, you are free to fill out our prescription form should you want prescription glasses. There is no extra charge for those of us who need a prescription.

We also offer optional blue-filter coatings, in case you spend a lot of your time in front of screens and want to give your eyes a little rest. 

We are also offering a wide range of sunglasses to keep your eyes from being tired of the sun. If you like sunglasses as much as we do, you will enjoy our wide selection of shades and frames.

All our sunglasses can be combined with prescription lenses as well, which means you will combine the style and functionality.


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